The mechanics here at Heritage Honda Westminster are ready to help you when you need repairs, but how do you know when your car is actually in need of Honda service? Fortunately, your vehicle has a few ways of telling you that something is wrong. So if you notice any of these signs of trouble, it's time to schedule an appointment with our factory-trained technicians.

Odd Noises

You drive your car every day, so you're probably quite familiar with the noises it makes and what “normal” sounds like. So, anything out of the ordinary could be a sign of mechanical trouble.

Look out for knocking sounds from your engine, odd noises when you're steering, and grinding noises from your brakes. Your tires might also make excess noise if there is some sort of problem. If you hear any of these sounds or anything else that's abnormal, it's time to visit a mechanic.

Puddles in the Garage or Driveway

If you're leaving behind puddles of fluid, this could be indicative of a leak. Your car needs a variety of fluids to run efficiently, including oil, power steering fluid, and coolant. A leak of any of these fluids can cause all sorts of issues, so it's wise to address a potential leak as soon as you can.

Pulling to One Side

Sometimes an underlying mechanical issue can cause your car to pull to one side when you're driving. This isn't just annoying. If pronounced enough, this could actually present a safety hazard in tight spaces and our mechanics can figure out what the problem is.

A Drop in Ride Quality

If rides in your car seem bumpier than usual, that could be an indicator of a bad wheel alignment or a problem with your suspension. These problems can lead to other issues, so it's smart to find a fix for this at our service center as soon as you can.

If you've noticed that something seems off about your vehicle, visit our Honda service center. We have the replacement Honda parts you need and reliable mechanics who can get your car fixed up in no time. 

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