Gasoline is expensive, so if you suspect that your car's gas mileage has begun to suffer you need to visit the mechanics here at Heritage Honda Westminster. We offer a variety of Honda repair services that can help your vehicle run the way it was meant to.

Oil Changes

Oil lubricates your engine and helps it run efficiently. When oil gets old, it starts to become a sludge and has a harder time doing its job. This can cause your engine to operate less effectively.

Replacing old oil with fresh oil can make a big difference and help your Honda car get back to peak performance levels.

Filter Replacements

Filters for your engine can also impact your car's performance and fuel efficiency. The engine air filter and engine oil filter both help protect your engine from damage and impurities.

These Honda parts wear out over time though, so you'll eventually need to replace them with new components that can help your car run smoothly.

Tire Service

Your tires can have a significant impact on your fuel economy numbers. You could end up using more gas when all your tires aren't properly inflated, so caring for them is a necessity.

If your tires have leaks or any other kind of damage, they could be contributing to your higher fuel bill.

HVAC Checkup

You know that you use up a bit more fuel when you're blasting the air conditioning. However, if there's an issue with your HVAC system or other components that draw power from your vehicle, you might be using more gasoline than you should.

If there are any issues causing something in your Honda car to draw more power and cause fuel waste, we'll find it.

Learn More at Heritage Honda Westminster

If you suspect that your car is wasting gasoline, don't delay. Visit our Honda service center in Westminster, MD and talk to our skilled mechanics.

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