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No one likes spotting a puddle under their vehicle. However, it’s important to address where the leak is coming from so you can determine how severe it is. We’re reviewing how to identify different leaks and when Honda repair at Heritage Honda Westminster is necessary.  

Engine Oil Leak 

Motor oil keeps the moving parts of your engine moving freely. This helps reduce excessive heat and friction. Oil is usually an amber color, but it continues to get darker as it ages, turning dark brown and even black. An engine oil leak can fall anywhere in the range, depending on when the leak occurs.  

Coolant Leak 

Your coolant works to keep your engine from overheating. Typically, a coolant (also known as antifreeze) leak is easy to spot. It has a light green color making it stand out from the other fluids in your vehicle.  

Brake Fluid Leak 

If you car doesn’t brake the way that it used to, it’s possible you have a brake fluid leak. If you think that you do, it’s important to have it inspected right away. A brake fluid leak can be extremely dangerous. If you notice a light-yellow liquid, it’s most likely brake fluid. 

Transmission Fluid Leak 

Your transmission fluid is usually thin and has a reddish-brown hue. This leak can be caused by a worn gasket, seal, or hose. The leak will also cause issues with your vehicle’s performance so it’s important to get it corrected quickly.  

Have you noticed a puddle under your vehicle? If you have a fluid leak, it’s important to get it corrected to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Contact our Honda dealership in Westminster, MD to schedule a service appointment today!  

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