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There are many benefits to getting routine Honda service, and when it’s time for the next maintenance appointment, Heritage Honda Westminster is here to help. We’re not just dedicated to providing the service and Honda parts that will keep your vehicle running right.

We also want to share the information and resources you need in order to recognize vehicle problems and schedule the care your car deserves.  

Honda Heating and Cooling at a Glance 

The cars at Heritage Honda Westminster are designed to last, but the more you know about potential service problems, the easier it is to get the care you need when the time comes. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind about your car heating and cooling system:  

  • Overheating: There are several reasons your vehicle may be overheating, including a leak in the cooling system, or problems with fans, coolant hoses, or the water pump.  
  • Steam Is Different Than Smoke: It’s always a little scary to see steam coming out of your car’s hood, but steam is a lot less troublesome than smoke from a fire. If you notice blue or dark grey smoke, get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible.  
  • Look at When You Overheat: If your car overheats at idle, there’s likely a different root cause than if it's overheating at speed. Look at the circumstances surrounding your vehicle’s cooling problems to help determine the root cause.  
  • Get Regular Service: Hoses and belts wear down over time. Additionally, your radiator should have regular inspections and repairs to keep your vehicle running as smoothly and safely as possible. This will also help you to save a lot of money on repairs over time.  

Schedule Honda Service Today!

For more information on the heating and cooling systems in your Honda vehicle and to get the service your vehicle deserves, schedule an appointment at Heritage Honda Westminster today.  
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