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Tires are often underappreciated, yet they do so much. They go through the rigorous motion that gets your car from point A to point B, and eventually, the wear catches up. Can you recognize the signs of tires due for replacement? You can find out using nothing more than a penny.

You can administer the penny test regardless of tire or vehicle type. It’s applicable for all civilian automobiles, from a pre-2000 Honda Civic to a modern 2019 Honda Accord. Place the penny head-first into the tire grooves. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, then the tread is too shallow and needs to be replaced. Perform the test in the tread’s center and sides. If the treads are fine in some spots and worn in others, then the tire may be misaligned, under- or over-inflated, or have a damaged suspension part.

It’s not just the treads you need to examine. You also need to carefully look at the sidewall. Is it showing signs of cracking? This is known as weathering or ozone cracking. Some weathering is normal in a tire’s aging process, but if it’s excessive, then it’s time for a replacement in Westminster, MD.

You may also notice bulging in the tire’s sidewall. This occurs when air makes its way between the various internal layers of the tire. This is known as a sidewall bubble and puts the tire at an increased risk of a blowout. This usually occurs when you hit a sharp object. The force causes the area of impact to pinch against the rim and air to leak into the inner layer.

Come by Heritage Honda Westminster and see our Honda parts center near Reisterstown, MD for new tires. Our technicians can also perform additional inspections to determine whether the wheels are out of alignment or balance.

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