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Most car owners know to periodically check the tire pressure, though they often don’t go beyond that. Wheel alignment is another component that routinely requires your attention. While correction requires professional service, you can recognize the signs of poor alignment based on your car’s performance, especially with respects to the steering. 

First, let’s discuss why tires fall out of alignment and the implications. Tires can usually fall out of alignment due to a sudden impact, such as hitting a pothole or driving over a speed bump without slowing down. The force may be enough to jar one or more of the tires out of place. Alternatively, the misalignment can be due to wear and tear in the suspension springs. 

When a wheel is out of alignment, it may point at an angle instead of in a straight line. As a consequence, your car may veer toward one direction even when you keep the steering wheel straight. Making a turn also becomes more difficult. Some people have described their vehicle as feeling “twitchy” when turning a corner. In addition, you may also hear an audible squealing noise from the tires. If you notice one or more of the above symptoms, especially after hitting a bump or curb,  it’s most likely an alignment issue, and you need to have your car looked at by a professional. 

Bring your car to Heritage Honda Westminster for an alignment check if you notice the signs of misalignment. Our Honda service offers near Owings Mills, MD includes a free four-wheel alignment check. The offer is good from now until the end of the year! While awaiting inspection, feel free to check out our inventory for new models like the 2020 Honda Accord

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