Car technology has proliferated in the past decade alone. This has enabled a more robust driving experience and safety. The Honda brand has devised its own automobile technology, some of which have manifested in recent car model releases. Let’s explore some of these technological advancements that you won’t find in other vehicle brands. 

The first is Honda Sensing®. This is the Japanese automaker’s own suite of safety technology. This was developed at Honda headquarters after analysis revealed that most road accidents occur as a result of straying from the lane. A large number also involves collision with a pedestrian. Honda SENSING includes road departure mitigation and pedestrian collision mitigation. These safety technology add-ons made their debut on the 2015 Honda CR-V. Starting from 2018, Honda SENSING also includes Honda LaneWatch™ and Blind Spot Information System. SENSING is available as standard on most 2020 models.  

The auto manufacturer is also a big proponent and investor in fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). This is a step beyond hybrid cars and consists of a battery powered by electricity generated from hydrogen. FCVs generate zero CO2 or exhaust gas. The brand is currently working on a FCV known as Clarity Fuel Cell. The reason for hydrogen use is due to its abundance. The element can also generate electricity when it binds with oxygen.  

Prototype models were released in select dealerships in early 2019, available for purchase and lease. FCV models are collectively known as the Honda Clarity series. The automaker has plans for all-electric vehicles to comprise of two-thirds of its lineup by 2030. 

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