The Truth behind Car-Buying Myths


Trying to find the perfect car for you and getting a deal that you feel good about can be quite tricky. At Heritage Honda Westminster, we want to help drivers in the Westminster and Owing Mills, MD area get the right information when it comes to car shopping.

Buying a car is an involved process, and many car-buying myths aim to help you get a better deal. However, the truth is that many of these make finding your next car more complicated. So, we’re breaking down a few popular myths.

Two popular myths when it comes to car shopping revolve around keeping your intentions hidden from the dealer to get a better deal. One method, known as parachuting the deal--named so because it slows down the process--involves not telling the dealer that you plan to trade in your car until you’ve reached an agreement on a new car. The other myth is similar and involves not telling the dealer you plan to lease. In reality, intending to lease or trade doesn’t affect the discount you can get on a new car. In fact, we provide tools for you to value your trade-in on our site and offer leasing specials to help you save.

Another popular myth is that you can save by getting outside financing from a bank. The theory is that we’ll give you a better price and you’ll get a lower interest rate from a bank. While you may get a lower interest rate, and we encourage you to explore all your options, we can often offer better financing that works for your budget.

Here at Heritage Honda Westminster, we want drivers in the Westminster, MD area to have a pleasant experience and feel confident in their purchase. That’s why we offer tools to give you the best information and promise always to be honest. Feel free to reach out with any questions and visit us to explore your options.

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